To offer hypoxic stimulation in the groups of individuals that have been using the mountainous areas to improve performance for years, including:

  • extreme sports,
  • mountaineers,
  • military groups.

We collaborate with scientists and physicians to evaluate the effectiveness and introduce new applications of healthy hypoxia to accelerate rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and convalescence following COVID-19.

The driving force that sets the objectives for the company’s development is the findings of 2019 Nobel laureates in the field of medicine and physiology. The distinguishing feature of AIR ZONE installations is a very high level of safety, control of conditions, and the option to use oxygen separated from air in additional space for oxygen therapy within one installation (hyperoxia room).

Providing conditions for healthy hypoxia or hyperoxia in different rooms does not limit the freedom of movement and exercising in any way, which cannot be guaranteed by other popular devices such as hypoxia masks or tents.

Boost Your Blood:

Training at altitude is like giving your body a tune-up. Through the adaptive process, you learn to extract more from each breath, making you more fuel-efficient.

Your heart is the pump that circulates oxygen-enriched blood around your body. It can now afford to beat less to maintain your oxygen supply. As you work at a lower rate there is less wear and tear on your internal engine, not just whilst exercising but also for the other 23 hours of the day when you are at rest.

Having a lower resting heart rate means greater heart rate reserve. You’ll be able to run faster and further. With enhanced oxygen uptake and utilization system, you also recover faster, and this allows you to go again and again.